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Er zijn nog geen producten in uw winkelwagen geplaatst.

(Artikelnr: EAP-350)
€ 115,95
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Gigabit wired, Business Class Indoor High-power Long-range 800mW (29dBm) Wireless-N Access Point/WDS Bridge/WDS AP with Smoke Detector Housing and 802.3af PoE Support
Gigabit wired EAP350 offers a "smoke detector" look, and is a high-powered (up to 29dBm) wireless-n access point / WDS Bridge / WDS AP operates seamlessly in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum supporting 802.11 b/g/n standard high speed feature. It is the best way to add long range wireless capability to your existing wired network or to add bandwidth to your wireless installation.

EAP350 features high wireless output power and receive sensitivity along with antenna diversity. High output power and high sensitivity extend wireless coverage to reduce the roaming between access points and to provide a reliable wireless connection. Gigabit Ethernet port offers faster data transferring and it’s ideal for HD gaming and video streaming.

To protect your wireless connectivity, it can encrypt all wireless transmissions through 64/128bits WEP data encryption and also supports WPA/WPA2. The MAC address filtering lets you select exactly which stations should have access to your network. In addition, the user isolation function can protect the private network between client users.

The attractive design, high performance and Gigabit wired make the EAP350 a suitable wireless solution for your residence or office.





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€ 115,95
Prijs per stuk
Aantal: Bestellen


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